2002 Annual General Meeting

16th Annual General Meeting Specifics

Space Environment Corporation held their Annual General Meeting in November, 2002 -- one month late again. It was called to order 20 minutes late due to a late arrival of Vince Eccles and the Mr. Coffee machine. The Company Officers stood around Mr. Coffee in a stony silence until the first brew hit their lips.

Everyone commented on the high quality danish and bagels provided by J. J. Sojka and Einstein Brothers Bagels. Dr. Sojka accepted full responsibility and credit.

The first important topic in 5 years was discussed at this general meeting. Why did SEC skip the Annual Yellowstone Snowmobile Boondoggle this year? The Company Officers shrugged then offered weak excuses about recent corporate governance improvements.

During the Board Meeting the Company Officers were nearly replaced during a share holder revolt for the lack of leadership in boondoggles.* The revolt was turned back and the Company Officers promised to plan future Boondoggles.

(*Note: The share holders are the same as the Company Officers.)

Minutes of Special Meeting on June 6, 2003
Minutes of the 16th Annual General Meeting
Minutes of the 16th Annual Bored Meeting

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