Space Environment Corporation held its Annual General and Board Meetings on October 4, 2003. No important issues were raised at the meetings...again. Much of the discussion centered on the weather, local politics, and BBGKY particle-fluid theory of plasmas.

Call to Order took 15 minutes to accomplish. The delay was caused by a skirmish over the one garlic bagel on the brunch table.

Review of Previous Minutes was completed quickly due to the Company Secretary's new spell checker.

President's Report provided extreme detail of the year's contracts, events, and capital purchases. The shareholders requested that the "number of pens purchased" category be left off future reports. A troublemaker raised a question on the purchase of a Bear Lake Vehicle. The item appears in the President's Report above the $500/month "Bear Lake Marina" rental. A security guard escorted the stockholder from the room.

Treasurer's Report was presented in the form of a magic act. Shareholders were in awe of the slight-of-hand used by the Treasurer in making numbers disappear and reappear in various columns of the report. He concluded the presentation with a bow and announced to the delight of all that "for the 17th consecutive year, SEC is on the cusp of profitability."

General Discussion was slow to begin as the dazzled shareholders came to grips with the 17th consecutive year of no dividends. The Board Chairman, the veneerable (sic) W. J. Raitt, proposed that a financial adviser be employed to manage future SEC profits. After laugher died down, the motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

V. B. Wickwar suggested that SEC look for new work in the area of celestrial auras (airglow). He was certain that aliens were tampering with the upper atmosphere and the US military should be alerted to evidence of Martian terrorists. Dr. Wickwar concluded with a stirring shout, "My 'Mean Green Beam Machine' has observed LGPs* during the close approach of Mars. Workers unite!" Others explained that he was having trouble lately distinguishing between fiction and non-fiction writings due to his wife's participation in writing for both catagories (see "The Hidden Prince of Oz").

J. V. Eccles presented a report on the continued entanglement of SEC with BLO as financed by AFSBIR RIFS and NASA/LWS DDDR/HIDIVE under the US DFAR rule USCDI3 paragraph 3. Three shareholders jumped to the microphone to propose adjournment and the "refilling of coffee cups." The motion passed overwhelmingly with one dissenting vote.

* LGPs - The politically correct version of LGM ('Little Green Men'.)

17th Annual General Meeting
17th Annual Bored Meeting

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