Space Environment Corporation held its Annual General and Board Meetings on November 13, 2004. No important issues were raised at the meetings...again. Much of the discussion centered on the weather, local politics, and the need for double-paned windows in Utah.

Call to Order was performed quickly after the bagels and coffee were placed on the conference table.

Review of Previous Minutes was again efficiently executed due to the lack of interesting business in the previous year.

President's Report provided extreme detail of the year's contracts, events, and capital purchases. The highlight of the report was the listing of '76 pieces of furniture' under the 'Activities' subsection. One wonders how busy SEC scientists are.

Treasurer's Report was once again presented with obfuscation and mystification. The report was filled with numbers and signs predicting the exact date of the end of the world. This mystical date would occur one day before SEC profitability.

General Discussion W. J. Raitt started the general discussion by praying for the end of the world and the initiation of the Treasurer's prediction of a millenium of corporate profitability.

Other discussion highlights included (1) a review of fulltime employee benefits, (2) a proposal for new proposals, and (3) admiration for Don Rice's equipment inventory document.

J. V. Eccles propose adjournment and the annual ritual of "refilling of the coffee cups." The motion passed overwhelmingly.

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