SEC RIFS Magnetometer Installation

The following photos were taken on November 22 when the Narod magnetometer was installed at Bear Lake Observatory (BLO) for the SEC RIFS project. Click on the small photo for the full-size version.

Narod magnetometer sensor, cable, and electronics

Bear Lake Observatory overlooking Bear Lake

Another BLO view

Jan Sojka inspects sensor connection

Hole prepared for sensor burial

Jan Sojka and Vince Eccles bury the sensor

Vince Eccles and Don Rice finish sensor installation

Magnetometer electronics and PC in BLO

BLO gateway PC

Magnetometer electronics box next to PC

Magnetometer cable exits through existing conduit

Cable leaves building and runs north to sensor

Magnetometer sensor buried in snow (center) near old BLO magnetometer sensor in box (upper center)

Sensor (lower center) near old sensor (upper center)

Making a new friend along the way

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