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In addition to the real-time plots available through these web pages, information about the space weather and radio propagation environment is available through Twitter.

Hashtags are used to mark the type of information that is being transmitted. These tweets are produced by trained squirrels, so don't be too upset if they get it wrong sometimes.

X-Ray Flares

An x-ray flare update is produced by activity at or above the M1 level. Generally flares below the M1 level have little impact on the radio propagation environment, but flares above C5 can produce noticeable Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances (SIDs) at VLF. If you are curious, activity down to the C level is tracked on our x-ray status page.

Solar x-ray flare tweets are marked with the #solarflare hashtag. In addition to flares, a daily summary tweet is sent at the end of the UT day telling what the average and peak x-ray levels were.

More To Come

We will be adding more tweets as soon as we can get the squirrels trained. There was a considerable delay in producing tweets after Twitter made their security vastly more complex, but we seem to have finally overcome that challenge...

SEC squirrel SEC x-ray flare analyst takes a break.

What's that avatar, anyway? The image is a thumbnail of a year of signal strength data, showing diurnal changes and space weather effects.

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