SEC/RPC HF Monitoring Summary Plots

These summary plots have been generated from data collected for the NASA LWS HF Investigation of D-Region Ionospheric Variation Experiment* (HIDIVE) project. The purpose of the project is to study the effects of D-region absorption on HF propagation. Currently, the standard time stations WWV (Colorado) and WWVH (Hawaii) are being monitored by the Space Environment Corporation in Providence, Utah, and at Bear Lake Observatory (BLO) near Garden City, Utah, and by RP Consultants in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The paths of interest are shown in the great circle map set. Information about equipment and modifications may be found in the configuration description.

The following plots are available:

Note: KF data collection ended on 28 April 2008 when the damaged antenna was taken down.

Providence, Utah:

2.5 MHz weekly summaries: 5 MHz weekly summaries: 10 MHz weekly summaries: 15 MHz weekly summaries: 20 MHz weekly summaries:

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*Acronym courtesy of Jan Sojka and Bob Hunsucker (copyright © 2002, all rights reserved.)

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